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Marla Ahlgrimm: New Research Suggests Estrogen May Protect Against PTSD

Marla AhlgrimmEstrogen is well known for its role in the sexual development and physical maturation of women. However, according to Marla Ahlgrimm, new research indicates that it may also serve to protect the female brain from trauma.

There are a number of research papers which suggest that women develop posttraumatic stress disorder more often than men, despite lesser exposure to harrowing traumatic events.

A recent study performed by Emory University in collaboration with Harvard Medical School indicates that estrogen may play a role in reducing the development of PTSD. Estrogen, which is essential for its role in female sexuality and pregnancy, may have further reaching effects than originally believed, says Marla Ahlgrimm.

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Women Affected Differently by Common Health Problems, says Marla Ahlgrimm

Marla AhlgrimmMen’s and women’s bodies are not the same, says women’s health advocate, Marla Ahlgrimm. For this reason, many health issues common in both sexes affect women differently. Even when symptoms are the same, women may require significantly different care than their husbands, brothers, and sons.

Below, Marla Ahlgrimm lists a few health conditions and how they affect women.

Alcohol abuse

More than 5 million US women put their health and safety at risk by over-consuming alcohol. And though men are much more likely to become alcoholics, the effects of alcohol abuse are more pronounced in women. According to Marla Ahlgrimm, women who abuse alcohol are at a greater risk of heart disease and breast cancer as well as fetal alcohol syndrome, which can cause brain damage to their unborn babies.
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Marla Ahlgrimm: Signs of a Hormone Imbalance

Marla AhlgrimmWhen people think of hormones, the first thoughts that usually come to mind are the hot flashes and mood changes associated with menopause. But, according to Marla Ahlgrimm, hormones affect women from the day they are born until the day they die. Here, Ahlgrimm notes a few common symptoms of hormone imbalance that can strike at any age.

Weight gain

Diet and exercise certainly play a role in maintaining a healthy weight, says Marla Ahlgrimm. However, for some women, that simply isn’t enough. Insulin resistance is one of the most common unaddressed issues affecting women’s waistlines in America today.

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Marla Ahlgrimm Discusses Cravings and How to Beat Them

Marla AhlgrimmDon’t let your monthly cravings overpower your willpower. In the following Q&A, Marla Ahlgrimm offers advice on how to beat cravings and keep yourself on track, even when your hormones want you to jump headfirst off the health train.

Q: Is it possible to indulge in sweet or salty snacks without hurting my diet?

Marla Ahlgrimm: It’s not only possible, but may be better for you in the long run. The key is to enjoy a small portion of your favorite treat after you’ve had a healthy snack. Don’t give up what you love, but learn to consume it in moderation. If chocolate is your weakness, go for a fun-size bar instead of a full-size treat.

Q: Should I keep a stash of snacks for “emergencies?”

Marla Ahlgrimm: I would suggest only buying the “bad” foods when you are going to eat them. If they are not in the house, you’re going to have to work for it and just might find that you don’t want it bad enough to put forth the extra effort. You can, however, keep a variety of sugar-free gums, which might satisfy your sweet tooth without the calories or crash.

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Marla Ahlgrimm: Your Fingers Can Nail Down Health Issues

Marla AhlgrimmIf you’ve ever made an appointment with a dermatologist, you might have noticed one of their pre-appointment instructions was to remove your nail polish. But why? According to women’s health expert and advocate Marla Ahlgrimm, it is because your fingernails say a lot about your overall health. Read on as Ahlgrimm answers reader questions about the fingernail/health connection.  

Q: I’ve recently noticed a dark streak underneath my fingernail. Should I get that checked out?

Marla Ahlgrimm: Yes, dark streaks that run from the cuticle to the tip may indicate a potentially deadly skin cancer known as melanoma. Some fungal infections can also turn the nail bed dark green or gray. A blue tint underneath the nails could be a sign of a circulatory problem involving the lungs or heart.

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Hormone and Mental Health Q&A with Marla Ahlgrimm

Marla AhlgrimmRenowned women’s health and hormone expert Marla Ahlgrimm answers common questions about mood swings, depression, and other mental health issues related to cyclic hormone changes.

Q: Is it true that many young ladies experience their first exposure to mental health issues at the onset of puberty?

Marla Ahlgrimm: A vast majority of girls first experience the mood-changing impact of hormones when their bodies begin to mature. In fact, for some of the most severely affected, puberty is an uncertain and constant state of emotional ups and downs. Moodiness, anxiety, depression, and irritability are all common during puberty.

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